I have been a student of dog training for many years and have had the opportunity to learn from several great trainers, some directly and some indirectly through observation and study. Having studied numerous training methods and training philosophies, I believe that the proper training mindset is more important than the choice of method.

I have spent the last twenty years developing a training program that produces good results for hunting dogs, hunt test dogs, field trial dogs, and family dogs in a manner that focuses on cultivating a positive working attitude in dog and handler. I wholeheartedly believe that to produce results at the expense of the dog’s well-being or psyche is a total failure. And to produce good results with certain types of dogs while destroying the psyche of other types of dogs is also an absolute failure.

Different people using the same methods get varying results. If the variation resulted from the methods, then those using these same methods would get similar results. Thus, the difference in training outcomes stems from how those methods are applied, rather than the actual methods themselves. Though I focus on retriever training, this principle of mindset being more important than methods applies to any form of dog training.


This book is not about training methods, but rather about the importance of having the proper mindset before beginning to apply any given method. This is why the principles are applicable to all forms of dog training and dog sports.

The Quest – Mindset Before Methods: The Path To Dog Training Success is available on Amazon.com

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